Jessica has helped me in so many ways.  She has helped me get rid of things I didn't need, organize my home, and rearrange my life in total.  To say that she has taken away the overwhelming clutter in my home is an understatement.  She is an amazing person and very professional.  My life is less stressful because of her.  I continue to use her when new situations come up.  Don't hesitate to call her today.  She will NOT disappoint.

Nicole H.

Waynesville, NC

Jessica got to know me and my priorities. She wanted to know how my home could work better for me. I didn't know where to start with almost 8 years of clutter. She showed me how to tackle it in small projects and create a solution that continues to work for my lifestyle. After 3 months, my closets, laundry room, pantry and kitchen cabinets are still organized and easy to keep that way. She kept my kids' needs in mind with every room. I highly recommend Jessica for ANY room or space that you want to make work and look better for your home.

Emily S.

Mills River, NC

Jessica has been awesome since day one! I've been putting things off for too long and I needed some help getting started so I called Jessica...I wish I had sooner! She is great at explaining everything she does and why. This helps me retrain myself! We started with the organizing and purging & just started Time Management...lots to look forward to!

Dorothy B.

Candler, NC

Jessica Janusz was very nice and outstanding in every way. In two sessions we got all my cloths organized as well as my desk which was a mess. I very much look forward to additional sessions!

Jack W.

Asheville, NC

I can't speak to IN home organization because I'm in MA and Jessica is in NC but...
The phone support I've received from miles away has been SUPERB! By my logic, if OMG Organized can offer life changing consultation over the phone, than IN home services must be "OMG" AMAZING! So why the stellar review? Right. Well first off, Jessica is just awesome to work with. Organizing your home, office or even just your closet can be an incredibly daunting task. It's overwhelming, you don't know where to start, you're not sure what the outcome will be and you can't get going. Jessica is funny, light hearted, clear and direct in her consultation services. Her up beat personality and enthusiasm about the task at hand make it impossible not to get and stay motivated. OMG Organized helped me complete my project every step of the way. From sorting through Pinterest pins to identify my own personal style, to creating a clear vision of what I wanted, and finally, with ongoing support, to project completion! OMG Organized didn't just get me to where I wanted to be, they helped me understand how to get (and stay) there. One of the best pieces of advice I received from Jessica was, "don't buy it unless you love EVERY aspect of it." So simple but so helpful in keeping me on track (and on budget!) I would absolutely recommend OMG Organized and will definitely contact Jessica for help with any future projects.

Worth mentioning: my "project" was a whole house overhaul...

Rhiannon S.

Quincy, MA

Jessica eased a stressful situation of helping rid a lot of our things and helped us down size for a move. She is understanding and very professional. We highly recommend  her service.

Ted R.

Leicester, NC

I am over the moon with how Jessica helped me organize my closet and decorate my bedroom! She blew my mind with how much got done in one session. I really though it would take days to sift through my closet but it she helped me declutter it in just three hours! She also helped make it fun by putting on music and being very friendly, she really empowered me to start being more organized now that I see it's not as hard as I thought it would be. 

Kelly B.

Boston, MA

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