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Why Hire A
Professional Organizer?

Deciding to get organized is similar to making the change to eat healthy, exercise or even start meditating. It's about making the decision to invest in becoming the best version of yourself. Often times we need a little assistance in these areas which is why professionals such as nutritionists, personal trainers, mindfulness teachers, and yes, even professional organizers exist to guide you along your journey! 

Benefits of Being Organized

The most obvious benefit to getting organized is that you now know where things go. That's nice, right? Of course, however the more important part is the positive ripple effect being organized has on your whole life. Think about it, when you are able to do and find things more efficiently this not only adds to your sanity, but saves you time. With this time you are free to enjoy making more memories with friends and family. Perhaps you can work less because now you work efficiently with your office, paperwork and schedule all professionally organized. Maybe it's that you don't miss appointments anymore or are no longer late since you know right where your keys are. These seemingly small things improve your health by reducing stress(which we all know is a chronic issue nowadays). Being organized also saves you money because you can find and access the things that you need, no longer buying multiple of the same item because you don't know where it is or you didn't know you had one. This simple idea of "knowing where your stuff is" becomes a massive benefit in the ways mentioned because it improves your quality of life through peace of mind.

Prices + Packages

Standard Rates

Phone Consult - No Charge

1  Hour DIY Plan - $65 

3 Hour Organizing Session - $250

There is a $50 non refundable deposit for new clients to reserve any OMG Organized service. This deposit is put towards your project total.

(Sliding Scale Rates Available Upon Request)

"The best way to get something done is to begin."

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Gift Certificates Available

Monthly Maintenance Memberships

If you are truly dedicated to getting and staying organized, a monthly maintenance membership is the best way to go. This is often a major relief for clients, as you can look forward to knowing that once a week professional reinforcements will come to help you stay aligned with your organizational goals.  

$200/month for 1hr/wk

OMG Organized Packages

(Packages Must Be Prepaid)

These packages are best for new clients that want to tackle their project to get it done more efficiently rather than a little here and there as with individual sessions.

Bust It Out: 

One entire day (8hrs) dedicated to your project. $450

Taking Care of Business: 

Entire weekend (16 hrs) dedicated to your project. $800 

Go Big or Go Home: 

Four consecutive weekends (64hrs) dedicated to your project. $4,000      


Accepted Payment Methods

  1. Venmo 

  2. Exact cash (I never carry cash so I won't have any change to make for you.)

  3. Debit/Credit card (+ 3% fee)

  4. Online through freshbooks invoice I email you.


Payment is Due at Time of Service

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