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Home Organizing


OMG Organized can help you organize any space of your home whether you are looking for help with your closet, kitchen, paperwork, storage space, office or kids room. 

How It Works

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation


The first step is for us to prioritize which items you genuinely love, use and represent you.

Let the rest go.

A woman is cleaning out her wardrobe, standing by clothes placed on hangers and in drawers


Next we work together to build customized organization systems that work around the way you already life your life.

flowers in vase


The last stage is adding personal or beautiful touches and elements to the area that not only make it functional but a joy to use.

"I worked with Jessica to organize our office, and from start to finish, she was a pleasure to work with and did such a wonderfully professional job with every task. It was a job that we, as a family, were dreading doing , so boxes stayed unpacked for year and 1/2 after we moved. Jessica helped me sift through everything, asked on point and excellent questions, which forced me to make decisions. The finished product was a useable space that I no longer avoid. She left the closet not only organized, but also beautiful and a joy to open, by displaying my old photos and souvenirs. I highly recommend her, and look forward to working with her in the future."

- Lakshmi S.

"Every minute spent organizing earns you an hour."- Ben Franklin

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