Session Outline

Sustain & Tweak

The first step is to contact me for a phone consult. I will ask you some questions about your space such as: 


  • The space(s) you'd like organized

  •  If you also want my help redecorating the space(s) mentioned.

  • What functions the space(s) need to serve. 

  • What systems of organizing have and haven't worked for you in the past. 

  • What inspired you to want to get organized?


From here, if you would like to process, I will E-mail you with an invoice where you make a nonrefundable $50 deposit to hold the appointment. This goes towards your total for that session.  

Every session we have will follow this general template from the first day onwards. 


  • The first few minutes is spent reviewing the space, planning and going over the client contract if it's the first time we have worked together .

  • The bulk of the session lasts about 4 hours. During this time we purge through everything in the room, leaving only the items that you use and love.

  • The last 15-30min consists of making payment, reviewing project plan and scheduling the next appointment.

Success ! You're organized! Now we create a realistic plan to maintain the beautiful organizing system we've set up together.


  • We now create a schedule that is convenient for you to easily maintain the organization systems. 

  • I will also check in with you a month after we've finished to see how the systems are working for you and if we need to tweak anything. 

  • Please not you are always welcome to contact me at any point with questions, concerns or requests. 









"Every minute spent organizing earns you an hour."- Ben Franklin