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Home Management Services


Come home to tidy.

How is this different than a cleaning service? Cleaners are wonderful at making beds but they don't put your kids toys away. Cleaners are wonderful at dusting the piano but don't call to get the piano tuned. Cleaners will mop your office floor but not help you plan your to do list. We do.

What Home Management

 Does Include

  • Discussing, planning, and prioritizing your to do list. 

  • Light cleaning such as wiping counters, dishes, sweep/vacuuming. 

  • Keeping track of house maintenance such as the need to replace HVAC filters, get piano tuned, fireplace cleaned, etc.

  • Tidying such as hanging up jackets, putting dirty laundry on the floor in the hamper, toys in the toy box, cereal back in the pantry etc. 

  • Contacting and scheduling needed service repair people on your behalf.

  • Put groceries away (but not placing the order or choosing the items.)

What Home Management

 Does NOT Include

  • There is no child or pet care of any kind involved though we can help arrange for those external services.

  • There is no deep cleaning such as bathrooms, mopping or laundry though we can help arrange for those external services.

  • There is no cooking or meal prep involved though we can help arrange for those external services. 

  • There are no formal organizing sessions though we can schedule those services separately if you wish for an additional fee.

  • We do not shop on your behalf but can pick up drive up only orders. 

Pricing and Plans

Many people would LOVE to have a home manager but think they need to win the lottery first. 

This is why we have different price packages to help meet your needs and sliding scale available upon request. 

A La Carte ($75/hr)

Schedule help when you need an extra hand, perhaps around the holidays,

start of school or after a surgery.

Once a Week ($250/wk)

Plan for a weekly 1 hour meeting to prioritize your goals and needs for that week. After the meeting receive a one hour whole home spruce followed by a detailed email overviewing your week's priorities and tasks.

M-F Daily Maintenance ($500/wk)

In addition to the weekly meeting discussing your goals for that week, enjoy a daily 1 hour spruce to keep the house from falling into disarray.

* Once a Week and Daily plans require monthly commitments and include an initial 7 day trial to cancel. Payments are required in full on the first of the month.

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