Estate Clearing Services

Rochester, Minnesota estate clearing service by OMG Organized can help ease the emotionally draining task of clearing the estate of a loved one. There are so many things that need to be done at a time like this and you don't need to do it alone.

Estate Clearing Services can include things such as:

- Being sure to set aside certain special items for friends and family and making sure they are
delivered to the appropriate parties. 

- Finding homes for any pets left behind.

- Helping get appraisals for the valuable household items.

- Arranging the remaining items to be donated to local charities.

- Helping get the home get cleaned, inspected and possibly repaired if necessary.

- Staging services to make the home more appealing to buyers so it sells quicker if necessary.

- Recommendations to grief counselors and support groups if necessary.

We also offer funeral and service planning for your convenience. Whether you want to be involved with every aspect of this process or simply don't have the time, OMG's estate clearing services can make this hard time in your life a bit easier so you can focus on what matters.