They say change is the only constant but that doesn't make it any easier. If you just want help downsizing, packing or settling in, OMG Organized is here to assist you so that this next step in your life can happen seamlessly.

OMG Organized home organization services help to declutter any problem areas in your space. Whether you aspire to organize your entire home or just this one drawer that's driving you crazy. We turn your dream of being organized a long term reality. 

Organizing a room is often the best time to redecorate since the space is already getting an organization overhaul. Whether you want a complete make over or to just change the wall color, my professional design services are always included when organizing a space.

Hosting a party is a lot of work. We all want our parties to be fun but a lot of time and money go into party planning and decorating. OMG offers themed party kits in a box that you rent for a flat fee and return when you are done. Less hassle, less waste, more fun! 

 OMG Organized is passionate about helping people in the Rochester, Minnesota area improve their quality of life by sharing organization skills. OMG Organized offers a wide array of professional organization services for the Rochester, MN area from home organizing to themed themed party packs to relocation assistance and more.


Having things organized is about making the way you live your life in more efficient so that you can devote your time on this Earth doing more of the things that

make you happy.