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Code of Ethics + Privacy

Allowing someone into your space is a very personal thing. It is not always easy asking for help and it takes vulnerability to do so. Your home is a sacred space and as your professional organizer, I treat it as such. Sometimes it can feel awkward or embarrassing to show a complete stranger such an intimate part of your life but I assure you a judgement free experience. At the end of the day, we are all human beings with our unique strengths and weaknesses doing the best we can.  You can rest easy knowing that as my client, I always follow the NAPO code of ethics and confidentiality. 

You can rest assured knowing:

  • Everything in our session is confidential. 

  • Nothing gets thrown away or donated without your permission.

  • You are always have the ultimate say of what happens in your space.

  • When unable or unqualified to fulfill requested services I will make every effort to find a qualified referral for you.

  • I will only take before/after photos with your permission.

  • I will work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality during our sessions. 

  • The prices listed on this website are always honored. 

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