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Client Contract


Omg Organized provides professional organizing services and works efficiently to reach the Client’s goals at the most reasonable cost possible. All matters are kept confidential and will not be shared without the Client’s written consent. Below are the terms of service.



The standard session time length is four hours. Accepted forms of payment are debit/credit card, check or exact cash. Payment is due at time of service



When a client books a session, that time slot is reserved exclusively for them and become unavailable to anyone else. If for some reason other than a true emergency, extreme weather, or serious illness a client needs to cancel or change an appointment, kindly provide at least 24hrs advance notice so that others may take advantage of the unused time. Unless 24hrs or more notice is given, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee which must be paid in full prior to the scheduling of any further appointments. This fee may be waived or adjusted at the sole discretion of OMG Organized. (If you are genuinely sick please don't be afraid to reschedule because if the organizer shows up and you are obviously not well we will have to leave to avoid catching the illness and you will still be charged the cancellation fee.) 


If, however, OMG Organized is responsible for the last minute schedule change without at least 24 hours notice, no fee will be charged to the client, instead a $50 apology discount will be given to the client for the session.


                                   PREPARING FOR OUR SESSIONS


Attire: Wear something comfortable that you don’t mind potentially getting dirty.

Pets: must be secured or put in area away from working session. Omg Organized does not work in environments with potentially harmful animals which is determined at the discretion of the organizer.

Firearms: must be unloaded and under lock and key.

Private items: Any personal items that you do not want to be viewed by OMG Organized should be put in a separate area away from the project space.

                                          Client Participation


Clients must be on site for the entire duration of all sessions and assist with projects unless otherwise agreed. It is very important that the Client and Organizer are able to focus on the project so as to finish it in a timely and cost effective manner. Therefore, the Client must make arrangements for handling incoming phone calls, redirecting visitors, childcare, pet containment, etc so that sessions are not interrupted.



 The Organizer has freedom to touch and interact with any item in the general region of the project area unless otherwise specified. Whatever items the Organizer is not to touch are to be removed from the space prior to the beginning of the session. The Organizer will not discard anything without the Client’s permission. We help the Client make decisions but the final decision is always the Client’s. OMG Organized and the Organizer present will not assume any liability for any losses or damages during sessions thus, the Client is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the session.



  Although getting organized is an ideal time to do any necessary cleaning, remodeling, etc we are not a cleaning service or professional contractors. We are design and organizing consultants and are not responsible for installation/assembly of large organizing systems such as closets, pantries, etc or heavy household cleaning such as bathtubs, windows, etc. We are not movers though we can help thing items out before packing, assist in packing and unpacking we do not move the actual boxes. We shall, however, make recommendations for the appropriate services.

OMG Organized does not work in potentially hazardous areas such as old damp basements, attics, garages, that could have mold issues, questionable structural integrity, possible pest infestations, etc. If the project area seems to have any of the above hazardous conditions we will not proceed with the project until the area has been addressed by the appropriate professionals.


                                      Satisfaction Guarantee

It is the responsibility  of the Client to maintain the organizing system long enough or it to become a habit which usually takes about 30 days. At that point, 30 days from project completion, the Organizer will make a follow up call to the Client to check in. This will be a brief discussion to ensure that the Client’s goals have been met or whether some tweaking is necessary. If adjustments are needed, the Client must put into writing the requested changes by the 30 day mark following completion of the project.

The Organizer will then return for no charge for up to 2 hours to make the necessary requested adjustments. If we have completed multiple sessions together, the client refund will be strictly limited to the amount of the most recent session. Failure to make a written claim by the 30 day post project completion mark implies that the Client fully accepts the completed work.


The Client has the right to terminate services at any time and remains responsible for any fees incurred prior to termination.


OMG Organized also has the right to terminate services at any time. The Organizer also holds the right to decline providing services if they do not feel the work area is safe for any reason. In this instance, OMG Organized may refer another service provider or reconsider if the work area conditions change.



Clients give us permission to use before & after pictures of their project, taken with their permission, in our marketing materials, which may include print and online advertising. Clients will be identified by first name, last initial and location only (i.e., Suzy Q., Asheville) or an alias, if preferred and requested. We warrant that at no time will your testimonial, pictures or name be used to promote unlawful or morally objectionable activities including(but not limited to): sending unsolicited email; activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm or abuse third parties; or hate crime of any kind. Your personal information will never be sold or distributed.



This document will serve as our standard agreement and your signature confirms your understanding of the basis upon which we will provide organizational services to you.

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