Business EfficiencY

Time is money and when you own your own business you know there is plenty of time you spend on your business that isn't making you money. OMG Organized can help reduce that wasted time by helping you make your business run more efficiently.

Just like any system, all businesses whether it's a large corporation or a small co-op, they all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. What we would do is work together to evaluate your current business operations and go over what areas we can organize better for your business to continue to thrive and grow.

Since every business is unique we always custom fit our business efficiency planning services to your needs.

Some of the many areas we may cover could include: 


  • How do you keep track on inventory?

  • How is the inventory stored?

  • How well is your paperwork managed?

  • Is your waiting room welcoming, clean, comfortable? 

  • Does your accounting services work well for you?

  • Is the scheduling system easy to understand for everyone?

  • What steps do you take to have the employees work as a team?

Since every business has it's own unique needs we do not give estimates. Rather we charge $50/hr for three hours sessions at a time. At the end of each session we will evaluate our progress together and decide upon what further action is needed.